There is a good reason for Compost from Vogel
The specialist for environment knows his business ...


Kompost von Vogel - Aus gutem Grund...Nature likes residues to be utilised and returned to the loop of valuable materials.

As one of the first entrepreneurs, Franz Vogel started in 1988 with an ecologically sensible utilisation of large biowaste quantities.

A business partner of the city of Baden-Baden and the district of Rastatt, Umweltpartner Vogel processes since years biological residues of the region on various plants.

"The experience of our staff and the up-to-date technology we use is the optimal basis for your plants to grow healthily!"

das RAL Gütezeichen Kompost
The quality label of the German Quality Assurance Organisation e. V. and the name
Vogel Compost is proof of first-class quality.
For the RAL quality label control criteria see



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