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How the high-class Vogel compost is produced.....


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Grünabfälle, die zu Kompost werden sollen, werden abgeladen
[1] Unloading green waste
Nach dem Abladen werden die Grünabfälle gehäckselt
[2] Shreddering  
Die kompost-Mieten werden bis zu sieben Mal umgesetzt
[3] Turning
AM Schluss wird der Kompost gesiebt
[4] Screening compost
Wir helfen Ihnen auch beim AUfladen des Kompost!
[5] Loading compost

Residues from green waste, delivered by gardeners from municipalities, industry or private gardens are pre-sorted [1]. Trunks with a diameter of up to 20 cm are shreddered with a powerful shredder [2]. Special machines are used to chop and pulp grass and hay.

Afterwards other machines are used to stack the waste in piles up to 3.5m high, which are then turned up to 7 times [3]. Sensors and special computer software monitor the temperature, aeration and the addition of oxygen - after all, breakdown must be kept in an optimum oxygen and temperature range. Hygienisation takes place giving germs and weed seed no chance.

After about 12 weeks, the high-quality Vogel compost is finely or coarsely screened [4] and then either packed for dispatch or loaded directly onto your own vehicles [5]. We can of course also deliver it to your doorstep . Tthe quality of Vogel compost is guaranteed - including for usage as special soil. Quality compost from Vogel sustainably improves any soil used for cultivation. It saves mineral fertiliser and is an ideal peat replacement.

Vogel compost keeps your soil in good shape by raising the humic content, ensuring good aeration, boosting the soil's retention ability and increasing its pH value. It also provides protection against erosion and makes tillage easier thanks to its fine crumbly structure.

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