Labour protection, odours, hygiene and system advantages

The safe and up-to-date handling of wastes…

systemvorteileA composting system which reliably detains unpleasant odours is equally appreciated by both the staff and local residents.

The semi-permeable membrane cover of the heap ensures that odorous substances condense inside it and drip back into the heap, where they are decomposed by micro-organisms.

Spores and germs, which otherwise can only be kept under control inside a closed building, are also securely hold back by the membrane cover.gorecover_function_graf_en

The hygienisation required by several European countries (e.g. according to Animal By-Products Regulation) is also reliably achieved by this composting system as tests proved. The conditions optimised through the UTV technology generate high temperatures in the decomposition body killing micro-organisms, germs and seeds reliably.

The low technical complexity, the easy handling, the flexibility and the possibility to rent the systems are further arguments for these convincing products – delivered by UTV:

  • Integrated solution suitable for the most different raw materials and plant sizes
  • Modular upgrading without any problems
  • Fast upgrade on the same required area, fast extension of capacity
  • Short planning and installation times, maximal 3 months
  • Fast changeover from open to enclosed plant technology
  • Mobile, therefore also suitable for testing of the technology or of special raw materials
  • Low construction and operating costs
  • Easy handling and operation, trained staff necessary, but no electrician, mechanical engineer or computer specialist
  • Produces reliably quality compost according to the Baden-Baden Model