Aeration of the composting system

Bacteria nutrition by means of up-to-date technology

technik_gerate_3cBy means of aeration micro-organisms in the compost are optimally supplied with the necessary oxygen. Aeration controlled by probes inside the compost heap reduces the decomposition time from several months to 4 to 6 weeks needing only very little energy. This aeration-on-demand reduces the odour emissions considerably and increases the quality of the compost.


In-Floor Aeration Ducts

Air for your planning…

sondenAEROFIX©-ducts are stationary systems with especially resistant and quickly to lay HD-PE channel bases and high-quality iron covers developed for highest loads, caused e.g. by wheel loaders. The ducts embedded into the decomposition surface aerate the compost heaps. The air volume via nozzle openings can be adjusted variably.

AEROFIX©ducts drain the arising leachate too. Cleaning of ducts needs rinsing only. Existing compost plants can be retrofitted with AEROFIX© ducts at any time.


sonden2Modern sensor control

Exactly on demand

Oxygen and temperature probes combined with a computer control keep the oxygen content at the same level during intensive decomposition phase.


On-Floor Aeration Pipes

Easy to handle and flexible…

on-floor_doppelbildThe reliable and robust plastic pipes are connected with the fan and laid down on the decomposition surface. A cover of wood chippings protects the pipes and causes in the decomposition body an optimal spreading of the air coming from the nozzles.

The pipes can be connected variously and are therefore suitable for small plants or temporary installations with heap sizes of 100 to 1000 annual tonnes too.


Stationary compost heap aeration

Wear resistant with low maintenance

technik_gerate_3bStationary outdoor aeration has been remarkably improved over recent years with controlled air pressures and air volumes to match individually any compost heap size. Components have been optimized for maximum efficiency and reliability. An outdoor version that has now become available uses a stainless steel shaft and Teflon bearing thus reducing maintenance and wear to a minimum. It is additionally characterised by low energy consumption, and resulting low environmental pollution.


The mobile ventilation station SAB 12

Fast on the spot…

on-floorHigh efficiency and a stable structure combining casing, connecting elements and transport rollers are the features of the mobile ventilation station, supplying compost heaps of up to 1000 cubic meters with sufficient oxygen.

The unit is optimally suitable for short-term enlargements, test compost heaps and special raw materials. Please ask for our offer to rent a mobile ventilation.