The control of the composting system

Natural processes optimally supported…

The measuring probes of the system

technik_gerate_4Safe control of the processes…

The decomposition processes in the compost heap are optimally regulated over a controlled ventilation system. The corresponding temperature and oxygen data on different levels in the core of the heap are measured by the high-class measure probes of the system. The probes are manufactured from special steel (casing IP 65), are extremely robust and bio-chemically resistant.technik_gerate_4b

High-class cables connect the computer-controlled network unit. With the help of the data material modern software decides and controls how much oxygen must be added via ventilation. The obtained data are recorded even without being connected to a PC.


Process Control with Pressure Sensor

New possibilities thanks to the pressure sensor:

  • digitale_DruckanzeigeOne and only way to really play it safe – monitoring pressure makes it possible to control the aeration from a distance.
  • Identifies following failures:
    1. Low water level in the water trap
    2. Loose pipe or hose connections
    3. Defective ventilator (motor, impeller or wrong turning direction caused by switched phases )
    4. Leaky aeration trench
    5. Bad sealing of the rim material
  • The daily routine inspection round is not necessary with the help of iCompost in conjunction with a pressure sensor. In summary it can be ascertained that you win twice if you install a pressure sensor. You save working time and you can be sure that the aeration system works fine.
  • Pressure sensors can be very easily installed in existing facilities. And can be integrated with old kompmasters.

MPT50-DrucksensorMPT50 Pressure sensor

  • Features:50 hPa (mbar), gauge pressure .4…20 mA output
  • Interchangeable on site
  • Robust stainless steel housing
  • EMC according to EN 61326-1
  • Housing: Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L), protection class IP 67 (according to DIN EN 60529, NEMA 6)


The PC software “Kompmaster”

controls and monitors the processes safely.

displayNatural processes during waste decomposition can be accelerated by keeping the temperature, humidity and oxygen supply to the heap constant. Suitable for this purpose is a computer control with corresponding software.

UTV software exploits this principle for the climate optimisation of the climate chamber under the semi-permeable membrane. An automatically controlled addition of oxygen by means of the ventilation system, regulated according to the consumption of the micro-organisms in the heap.

The UTV Software “Kompmaster” serves also as proof for the hygienic efficiency of the decomposition process via temperature measurment and recording. The following properties distinguish the software from others:

  • constant oxygen control
  • record of the temperature
  • determination of the 55 degree mark
  • steady controlling of hygienisation
  • assessment of the decomposition process
  • extensive documents in form of tables and charts
  • ability to be applied internationally by shifting from Celsius to Fahrenheit

The version “NET-Kompmaster” controls the compost plant with WLAN network, the “Tele-Kompmaster” with modem connection.


icompmaster Version 6.03

The “icompmaster” control unit is used to control the composting process and to log the temperature values, oxygen content and pressure. The control unit is designed for both stand-alone and networked operations.

Fundamental improvements:

    • communication is 9 times faster
    • galvanic isolated RS485 interface
    • 3 sensor input, possibility to connect a pressure sensor
    • compatible with all old versions of the Kompmaster