Energy efficient on site – for composting plants as well

With the “SunFlower” system 50% more power than traditional photovoltaic plants

sunflower-panelSince many years the UTV Inc. is active in the area of regenerative energies. The latest project is the stand-alone solar plant “SunFlower” which on the site of the UTV Inc. in Baden-Baden generates energy from sunlight.

The name stands for itself. The innovative photovoltaic plant – like the sunflower – automatically aligns the solar modules with the optimal position of the sun. A small power station with ca. 8.5 kW performance  with 42 solar modules is shaped like a solar panel.

The electronic controls the direction adjustment and the collector slope of the panel and thus optimises the energy output which increases by over 50% contrary to traditional photovoltaic plants.


The enterprise “EasyKomp” enters new markets with SunFlower.

An area of less than 200 square meters is enough to install this power plant. There are numerous application possibilities. For private investors and municipalities, industry and trade. SunFlower is also attractive for managers of sewage and compost plants. One module of the UTV System is enough to generate energy for one compost plant with a capacity of 5000 t/a.

The innovative solar power station SunFlower generates power from the sun in an environmentally friendly and cost saving manner. That means independence from the public energy grid and a lower budget.