Membrane cover for compost heaps

The up-to-date technology

membrane_3layerBy using this system a highly functional cover is drawn over the compost heap including a three-ply membrane consisting of two high-class fabrics resistant against UV radiation and a water-tight and breathable semipermeable membrane (GORE© Cover).

The membrane safely protects the decomposition body against weather impacts and rainwater moistening. From the inside it keeps back odours, dust, germs and bacteria but is permeable for air and moisture.

A climate is generated under the membrane that is needed by micro-organisms to decompose organic wastes in high-class compost as fast as possible.

New rotting module

rottemodule_mit_detailsIn the space between the heaps pre-fabricated concrete blocks are placed in U-shape. The advantages are:

  • Clean separation between the heaps
  • Separation of leachate water and rain water
  • The tarpaulin/cover can be easily fixed
  • Tarpaulins/covers will not freeze to the ground
  • 20% higher capacity due to side walls on same area

Remote-controlled cover winding unit PWS 13 for one man-operation

pws1Without any manual labour the cover winding unit PWS picks up the GORE© Cover membranes from the compost heap before a following turning or screening step.

With the help of a remote-control a single operator can completely cover and uncover the compost heap. The basic unit runs on a rail fitted to the backing wall from heap to heap. The rolling up of the membrane is directly done by the unit, the unwinding respectively uncovering by a steel wire and a wheel loader.

The cover winding unit is designed for widths of 6 to 13 m, a 24 m machine is under construction. It consists of a stable, hot galvanized steelwork, carrier and guide idlers are constructed for heavy loads.

Mobile cover winding unit PWM 13 for triangular compost heaps

pws3The mobile cover winding unit is designed for a one-man operation – directly on the machine or by remote control. Without any problem one person can handle the complete uncovering and covering of triangular heaps of heights 3.80 m and widths 8 m.

Extremely flexible by five steering types and single control of each wheel together with hydrostatic travelling gear. Measurements in working position: width 13.50 m, depths 4 m and height 5 m.