Innovation for efficient composting

A technology for everybody, one system for everything

In many countries around the world the environmental legislation and waste treatment is in initial stages or quickly develops further. The recycling of the organic portion in our wastes is obviously advantageous e.g. as humus for healthy soils, for the recycling of nutrients, as renewable energy, for climate protection and for low emission landfills. However, only in very few cases the type, volume and duration of organic waste streams can be foreseen in the long run.




These factors require an expandable and at any time retrofittable, yet cost efficient and flexible technology which suits for different waste types. UTV Inc. meets these requirements and is able to consult and deliver to customers one of the most successful composting systems world-wide:

  • An enclosed heap composting with membrane covered, pressure-aerated, oxygen-controlled decomposition technology,
  • suitable for nearly all of the organic waste types from e.g. green waste/biowaste, commercial food waste (also for post composting) to sewage sludge and for drying or stabilisation of residual waste
  • extremely effective at the reduction of emissions and odours
  • able to be extended in a modular way, from 100 to 1.000.000 t/a and
  • successful in more than 70 plants in more than 20 countries in all climatic zones in the world.


Frequently asked questions and requirements of UTV customers

Can we test all this?
How much time takes it to install the system?
Where are cost advantages to be seen?
Can the membrane cover be compared with an enclosed plant?
How does the membrane cover reduce emissions?
Is the technology suitable for the treatment of residual waste and the drying of refuse?